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Nice movie ☺️

Is that Mo.Sarah!!!

This is the type of movie that I'd stream because there no way in hell I'm going to the Cinema as a single man to watch this.

I bet 20 dallars that Andrew Garfield will win an Oscar for this.

Can yall lower the price of ps plus now cause i know this movie made bank💰

I thought DreamWorks SKG died in 2008


He has actually developed into such a great actor.

Yummy Kate Beckinsale!

Dear Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, you should take a breath and give Andrew an Oscar.


Wish (2018)


andrew garfield is probably the best actor of this generation


Anakin breaking hearts all over again

War movies that don't take place in Vietnam just aren't as interesting... is that just me? Not to undermine or say anything against the people who served in other wars/conflicts. But Jungle warfare is just cooler looking on film..

Introducing Mackenzie Davis and then killing her in a car accident..

Im only a wizard afterall









  • 1000 / 1000